3 Signs That You Need A Business Consultant

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Have you ever wondered if you need to hire a business consultant? Do you even understand the term business consultant? For many, this term is vague and conveys no real meaning. Let’s start by providing a definition. A business consultant is a professional that provides expert advice, guidance, and training in their area of specialty. There are business consultants in every area that you can imagine, and many consultants have multiple areas of specialty. It is up to you to ascertain the credentials of your business consultant to ensure that they are an expert or authority in the area for which you want them to work.

As you can imagine, identifying your business consultant may not be an easy task, but it is not as daunting as it may appear. It is fortunate that you can distinguish between professionals and amateurs. A few quick actions to verify your consultant are:

  • Look-up and review background and experience
  • Check verified online reviews
  • Review the firm’s case studies

Per the Predictive Index 2019 Annual Consultant Report, there are five main areas for which business consultants are utilized. Ordered by highest-ranking area to lowest, the areas are:

  • Strategy/Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Financial Advice

Knowing the areas that your consultants are most utilized is a great start, but it does not quite answer how you know whether it’s time for you to consider a business consultant. The following has been reported by organizations when asked how they knew it was time to call in a business consultant.


Running a business requires making major decisions that may impact the future of your organization. Working with an accountant or CPA can provide invaluable advice when setting up your payroll or accounts receivable and payable for your organization. If your company will utilize a large computer network, it may be to your advantage to call in a network engineer to provide assistance in properly setting up your network.

Calling in a specialist who can provide their expertise to the decision-making process can help cultivate investors as well as improve the operations of your organization.

Lack of In-house Resources

Many companies, especially small businesses, lack resources. A good way to bring in additional resources for specific tasks is to hire a business consultant. They will provide their expertise to help move the company forward.

Processes and Audits

Running a successful organization requires maintaining effective business processes and operations. In many cases, optimizing and developing your core processes are more effectively achieved by hiring a business consultant. Your consultant provides objectivity that help you operate more efficiently.

As I’ve identified, hiring a business consultant can be very beneficial when there’s a need for a second opinion, when in-house expertise is lacking, or when processes or audits are needed. To ease your mind when working with a business consultant, set specific, measurable goals at the outset of your relationship.

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