5 Tips to Finding Your Tribe

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Finding your tribe differs from networking. While we hope that our networking eventually develops into meaningful relationships, whether personal or professional, your tribe usually reflects your values and becomes your community, giving you a sense of belonging. If you find networking difficult, finding your tribe may be even more arduous. However, while more difficult to find, our tribe is easier to recognize as it is usually instinctive. 

Over the course of our lives, we are part of many tribes – from family, sports, affinity groups, workplace, and many more populations. We are social beings and have a need to belong. Have you noticed that we have a tendency to gather and commune in familiar groups? We find our tribe by seeking those with shared interests and passions. Our tribe is elevated in importance when it reflects our values as well as fulfilling our need to belong. Most of us seeking authentic connections from our tribe realize that this may require effort, authenticity, and vulnerability on our part. 

The quest for your tribe is very personal. We are all different in what we seek, and there is no single plan that can be provided. However, there are some suggestions that may ease your search for your tribe. 


Give thought to what type of community do you need? Identify what area do you want more support or development. Maybe for you, you are simply seeking like-minded people. 

Try Something New

Remove your preconceived notions. Often, we avoid certain individuals or groups because we feel they are too different or they may not want to include us. We all have unconscious bias, but the goal is to overcome those when seeking your tribe.


When volunteering for a cause you are passion about, you will likely find others with the same passion.

Sign-up for a Class

Have you always wanted to learn something? Meeting a person in a class can provide a safe atmosphere to get to know others.

Create Your Tribe

With today’s wide use of social media and Meet Up groups, you can put out a call to attract the type of people you want in your tribe. 

Similar to networking and paving a path toward success, finding your tribe is all about living in alignment with your values. Connecting with those who have shared interests and passions will allow us to expand our reach. The more people you communicate with, the bigger your network. That being said, it’s crucial to be selective about finding your tribe. 

Being part of a tribe is more about quality and less about quantity. Having a tribe of 10 that share similar values to you is more impactful than having 50 random acquaintances. It’s only when we connect with those who support us, and vice versa, that we can live in authenticity.

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