Buzz TV – “5 Minutes With” with Dr. Wendy Norfleet

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Buzz TV Host Howard Wolpoff sits down for “5 Minutes With” with Dr. Wendy Norfleet.

Buzz TV – “5 Minutes With” with Dr. Wendy Norfleet of Norfleet Integrated Solutions from BluHorn TV on Vimeo.

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Howard Wolpoff interviews buzzworthy people about buzzworthy things. In this episode, Howard interviews Dr. Wendy Norfleet, the President, and CEO of Norfleet Integrated Solutions.

Welcome back to Buzz TV. I’m Howard Wolpoff, your host. And today we’re talking about business and the focus that people need to have the know-how to succeed in business, how to get the right position, how to have the right skills that you need to incorporate yourself into day to day life within your company and interacting with others. And we’re really pleased to have Wendy Norfleet, Norfleet Integrated Solutions here with us to talk about what she does and what her company does for people. So Wendy, welcome to the Buzz. Thank you very much. So you have really an incredible background. You’ve done a lot of amazing things and worse than some, some amazing places. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself and then how you got your company started?

Okay. Well, a little bit about myself. My first two degrees are in computer science. Um, so I’ve done a lot in that field. I’ve written all kinds of journal articles, but also if the auto industry I’ve probably have done a lot there if you drive a car, I probably wrote your ABS, your antilock brake software, you’re welcome. I’ve done a lot of bank systems. I worked on the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR). You know, how you see the little barcodes on your bills and stuff where they could scan? I worked on that, so I’ve done a lot, and, got a little burned out and I had been working for a couple of universities and, got several offers to move over that way. So I started working with a couple of universities in Michigan, general motors university when they still had their own university. And then I went over to the University of Detroit and then Wayne State University. I had my Ph.D. In instructional technology. And so I actually help a lot of organizations, some of the same ones I used to work for now put their training and different, education systems online.

Very nice. But now you’ve moved away from the university world and started your own company. How did that come about?

Well, I was Dean of Technology for Florida State College at Jacksonville, for all the campuses and I just saw a need. People will come in there and it’s great if you can take a whole semester class, but sometimes you just really need focus training. And so when I decided to leave the college, I decided, you know, I think I can do this and I can do it well. And so, I did a little research, hung my shingle out and so far it seems to be doing really well.

Excellent. So what type of people you’re working with?

Well, I work with both individuals and organizations and we really focus on three areas and we’re trying to develop people. And so we do that through training, both technical and soft skills. We do it through leadership development workshops and we also do through coaching. I am a certified coach, so that helps a lot and it really is customized. So we don’t have something standard, even though we have a lot of different training. We don’t just say, you need this, you need this. We really try to take the time and do the assessments. And so recently we got into the federal contracting space and so we’ve done some great technical training with them, artificial intelligence, some SharePoint power users. Then on the other hand, I have a passion for helping people develop themselves. And so I started a program called, um, foundations of success and this is for rising seniors. Excellent. So we did it, in May and it was at the University of North Florida there, University Center and it was well-received. And, we’ve been asked to do it again next May.

Yeah, it’s great. Especially just focusing on the students right now, just having, given that, that basis, of what you need as you move forward in your careers. But also what you’re doing now with AI is cutting edge and that’s what people are really talking about. And the fact that you’re able to help develop more skills for these companies really makes you stand out and especially in the Jacksonville community.

I love what I do. It is so much fun.

Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Very excited to have learned everything off camera and on camera, but what you do and I’m very excited about your growing success. Alright, thank you so much, Howard. Well, thank you. Okay. And everyone, please check them out. Some really great things you can learn and really help yourselves and your company. And, we appreciate having Wendy with us today and thank you for joining us today on Buzz TV.

Norfleet Integrated Solutions, Inc. (NIS) launched in March 2017 to provide individuals and corporate clients solutions to fulfill training, leadership development, and career needs. NIS provides simple to complex, customized technical and non-technical training to individuals and organizations, including leadership development workshops designed to grow and enhance leadership capabilities. Recently NIS launched a leadership series, Foundations for Success, for rising high school seniors in Duval County. In addition to helping clients with career coaching and work/life balance programs, NIS conducts in-depth personal assessments, develops client strengths, and provides assistance with interview skills, resume writing, and cover letters. Our goal is to propel careers!

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