Creating an Authentic Presence on Social Media

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We live in an era where social media has become a necessary part of our daily lives. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many more social media outlets at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget what life was like before we had such instant access to information and entertainment. But with this technology comes new challenges: how do you make sure that you present yourself authentically online? How can you be confident in who you are when all people see is a filtered version of whom they think you should be? This article will explore these questions and suggest ways to develop your own authentic presence on social media. 

Know your brand

Developing an authentic presence starts with knowing who you are and what you represent (or want to represent). Take some time to think about this question, even if it is difficult. Organizations might take a while to answer, but individuals should be able to do this in a matter of minutes. Some questions that might help you to understand your brand better include: 

  • What would I like my image (or personal image) to be?
  • What values do I want to promote? 
  • What kind of lifestyle am I leading? 
  • What topics interest me? 
  • What traits describe me? 
  • How do I want people to perceive me?

Once you have a sense of your personal brand, it will be much easier to reflect this in your social media posts. Keep in mind that authenticity does not mean being perfect – it’s okay to share mistakes or struggles along with successes. As long as you stay true to who you are, your followers will appreciate the genuine glimpses into your life.

Include A Mix of Content

In order to create a well-rounded and authentic social media presence, it is important to post a variety of content. This could include sharing links to articles you’ve read, posting photos of what you’re up to, uploading videos of speeches or events you attended, or even just tweeting about your day-to-day experiences. Try not to stick to just one type of post, as this can get boring for your followers.

Be Timely and Fresh

In order to keep people engaged, it is important to post new content regularly. This does not mean that you have to post every day (although that would be great). But try to make sure that there is always something new for your followers to check out. You might want to consider creating a content calendar to have an idea of what you’ll be posting each week or month. And if you ever find yourself struggling to come up with ideas, there are plenty of online resources that can help get the creative juices flowing.

Use Humor or Share Personal Details that are Relevant to the Audience

Finally, it is important to share content that will resonate with your followers. This means gathering ideas about what people like and finding ways to incorporate these elements into your posts. It also means staying away from topics that may only interest you (such as sports) but would not make sense for your followers to see in their newsfeeds. Using this approach, you will create a more genuine presence online since you are speaking about things that matter to your audience rather than just talking to them. 

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