Job Search Tips Often Forgotten

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There is so much advice for job searchers, and much of the advice is industry or position-specific. However, there are some things that can be done, no matter the type of job you are seeking.

Customize Your Resume

Many job seekers use a generic resume that may not align with the job position for which they are applying. If a job posting asks for project management, budgeting, supervision, or other experiences, you should highlight those experiences in your resume when you possess them. Often, the first pass of your resume is done by an application that is scanning for certain information.

Be Present on LinkedIn

In today’s world, you must have a web presence, and for now, LinkedIn is it. This means having a completed profile that includes a photo.

Broaden Your Search

Too often, job seekers limit their search to simply applying online. There is a whole world out there. Now that businesses are opening back up, get out there. If a company you are interested in sponsors an event, attend the event and talk to people that already work there. Networking plays a large role for job seekers. Use LinkedIn to meet people at the organizations in your industry.

Send a Thank You

Having often been on the hiring side of the desk, I can share that in many instances, candidates for the final interview are pretty well matched. Tipping the scale can be something as simple as receiving a thank you note from the candidate. Believe me, all things being equal, that person has now pulled ahead just a little.

Searching for a job is hard enough without sabotaging your own opportunities. Keeping these tips in mind as you continue your job search can help you land your next position.

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