“On A Mission” with Dr. Robert Kelly from READ USA

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Each week on “On a Mission” we talk to community leaders who are out to make a positive impact in the area. Today, our host Wendy Norfleet talks to Dr. Robert Kelly from READ USA.

READ USA opens pathways for children in under-resourced communities with book choice and ownership, peer to peer tutoring, multi-cultural literacy programming and collaborative, strategic partnerships toward grade level reading proficiency, workforce development, social justice and ending the cycle of generational poverty.

To learn more, visit https://www.readusainc.com.

Short company description: Opening pathways for children in under resourced communities with tools to succeed!!

What makes your company unique?: Provide brand new, age appropriate, culturally sensitive, book choice and ownership to every DCPS elementary school student.

How do you define success?: Every child in our community, across our state and country are reading on grade level.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?: Sal Kahn. We share the belief that a world class education should be free, that education levels the playing field for all, and plays the key role in social justice, racial equity, economic prosperity, healthy community and democracy. Sal has been successful in scaling Kahn Academy offerings keeping them free to the consumers without compromising value or cutting edge innovation in a global economy.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?: Ask a great teacher what he/she needs to magnify the positive impact on his/her students. Great teachers have the best answers.

What excites you most about your industry?: The issue is solve-able.

What is the biggest challenge you think you or your organization is going to face in the upcoming year?: Growth management.

Who is a Trustee in our community that you admire and why?: Jana Ertrachter. She finds joy in taking on big, hairy social issues that seem hopeless, is an expert partner in successful, transformational efforts with unmatched humility and grace.

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