“On A Mission” with Greg Wurth from FSCJ Continuing Workforce Education

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Each week on “On a Mission” we talk to community leaders who are out to make a positive impact in the area. Today, our host Wendy Norfleet talks to Greg Wurth from FSCJ Continuing Workforce Education.

Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) has been serving the First Coast community for more than 50 years and continues to rank among the top colleges and universities in Florida. FSCJ is proud to be a part of the educational journey of Duval and Nassau County residents. The Department of Continuing Workforce Education at FSCJ provides training in rapid industry recognized certification preparation in a variety of programs areas.

To learn more, visit fscj.edu/cwe.

What Makes Your Company Unique? Continuing Workforce Education works with organizations and local job boards to identify skills gaps in the industry. We pride ourselves in connecting students with quality curriculum, and eventually jobs in our area. Further, our department works closely with non-profit organizations, business/industry, to upskill the workforce that is needed. We offer programs in Healthcare, Real Estate and Business, Construction and Manufacturing, Public Safety, Information Technology, Language and more. 

How Do You Define Success? Success is learning from our experiences, and applying that knowledge towards the next iteration of activities.

Who In The Industry Inspires You And Why? I had the opportunity meet hear Dr. Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania speak on several occasions. Dr. Guttman was an inspiration because she talked about constantly setting and resetting the bar higher. Her dedication to the pursuit of greatness is constant in both her words and how she inspired the employees of the University.

What Is A Tip For Success That You Would Provide Someone In Your Same Industry? Keep innovating at every opportunity. Greatness is born is a collection of small steps, not in giant strides.

What Excites You Most About Your Industry? I am extremely excited about connecting Continuing Workforce Education students with programs and employment over the next year. We offer amazing programs in a variety of areas at a better price than the competition. Our programs are a high quality with a high value. Recently, our department re-developed and launched FSCJ’s Massage Therapy program, Patient Care Technician Program, Phlebotomy Technician Program, Fast Track Construction Program, and are currently working to put forth a short-term Dental Assisting Academy. These programs connect students with training and align the students to rewarding careers.

What Is The Biggest Challenge You Think You Or Your Organization Is Going To Face In The Upcoming Year? It takes four building blocks to create a great Continuing Workforce Education Program; students, in-demand curriculum, funding options, and employers. Our challenges are always based around working with our community partners to overcome challenges. We constantly work with non-profit organizations, industry, our local job board, advisory committees, FSCJ faculty and staff, and grants to overcome emerging challenges. This year we are launching several new in-demand programs, therefore, it will be essential work closely with these partners to overcome the challenges we face.

Who Is A Trustee In Our Community That You Admire And Why? I am consistently inspired by FSCJ President Dr. John Avendano (Dr. A). Every time I hear him speak, I hear the themes of care for students, and, care for community. His dedication to the students, faculty and staff at the College, as well as his charge for the faculty and staff to be greater than ourselves always rings loudly. Dr. A inspires everyone at FSCJ to focus on excellence through quality, innovation, and care for our students and community. He makes us want to be better every day, which, makes our community better every day. And for that reason, Dr. A. is an admirable steward of our College and our Community.


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