“On A Mission” with Kathleen Schofield from STEM2 Hub

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Each week on “On a Mission” we talk to community leaders who are out to make a positive impact in the area. Today, our host Wendy Norfleet talks to Kathleen Schofield from STEM2 Hub.

STEM2 Hub envisions high-quality, culturally relevant STEM2 learning experiences for all students.

To learn more, visit https://stem2hub.org.

Short company description:
STEM2 Hub envisions high-quality, culturally relevant STEM2 learning experiences for all students. We believe students should have access to and possess a sense of belong in STEM and CS careers and lifelong learning pathways that extend across formal and informal K–12 and higher education settings holding promise for transforming all students’ access to and engagement in career pathways.

Our Mission
We convene, inspire, and invest in the STEM2 field by providing the essential missing elements to accelerate the growth of STEM2 education and careers.

What makes your company unique?: We were founded by the business community to disrupt the status quo and work for equitable access for all to the high-wage, high-demand careers of the future.

How do you define success?: I will define success when there is evidence of a STEM and technical workforce that is truly diverse, and people respect one another as individuals, embracing and understanding differences to create a community where everyone can thrive.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?: I am inspired by Steve Wozniak because he cares about people in so many ways. His actions match his words.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?: Change is hard. But when a system must change, we have to respect everyone’s perspective. Listen before speaking and really understand the diverse goals of your stakeholders. Then listen more. Don’t accept the status quo, but help your stakeholders come to consensus for solutions. Then work diligently to plan, act and revise until the desired change comes to be.

What excites you most about your industry?: I love the STEM nonprofit sector because our work is making dynamic change in our community. More teachers are empowered to develop tech aptitude and teach computer science and other STEM courses. It is very exciting to see the influence of our corporate community coming into action in our schools. It is an exciting time for education as we shift to teaching computer science across the grade levels.

What is the biggest challenge you think you or your organization is going to face in the upcoming year?: Technology is changing quickly, so the challenge will be empowering educators to be nimble in their practice, leaping into unfamiliar content that our students need to learn. This would be challenging in the best of circumstances, but with the pandemic, learning gaps will be identified and there will be so much need to close those gaps.

Who is a Trustee in our community that you admire and why?: I admire Gary Chartrand. He is the most sincere and generous person I have ever met. He gives so much back to the community in many different ways. Gary has given me the greatest opportunity of my life by empowering me to lead this work. I have learned so much from him and I am eternally thankful.

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