“On A Mission” with Mark Aston from DG Technology Consulting

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Each week on “On a Mission” we talk to community leaders who are out to make a positive impact in the area. Today, our host Wendy Norfleet talks to Mark Aston from DG Technology Consulting.

DG Technology focuses on managing information security, compliance, and business risks.

To learn more, visit https://dgtechllc.com.

Short company description: DG Technology focuses on managing information security, compliance, and business risks. From the desktop to the mainframe and the cloud we provide IT Security Consulting, Professional and Managed Services, and resell Software and Hardware for Enterprise businesses.

What makes your company unique?: Our unique differentiator is in our relationship focused approach. My clients are mostly in the North Florida region where I grew up and have resided most of my life. When you work with DG Technology you are working with me and I am going to make sure you get the best pricing, service and follow up possible.

How do you define success?: You can have anything in life you want as long as you help enough other people get what they want. I like to think that I have been successful in helping others both personally and professionally and as a result I feel that I am a success.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?: Michael Xie – Co-Founder of Fortinet. He and his brother created a technology and successfully sold it to Juniper and could have relaxed on the beach for the rest of their lives but instead chose to build a company from the ground up with an engineering first approach and a great culture of support and encouragement.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?: Always keep the customer needs first, do what you say your going to do, and be nice to everyone! Its a small circle of people in this industry and Jacksonville is the biggest small town you will ever know.

My goal is to have nobody out there who does not have a positive opinion about me What excites you most about your industry?: The ever changing technology. There are always new threats and new technology to combat those threats and ever since I went to college to be an IT guy I have been fascinated with technology.

What is the biggest challenge you think you or your organization is going to face in the upcoming year?: Traditionally DG Tech has relied on relationships and in person meetings to develop opportunities and with the Pandemic we have had to shift to marketing and social media and its different which brings challenges.

Who is a Trustee in our community that you admire and why?: Wendy Norfleet – I met her when she first moved here and I have watched her grow personally and professionally while also dealing with setbacks and personal issues that might have sidelined others. We have served together on the Jax IT Council board for years so I have witnessed her commitment to others and the community, when she says she is going to do something you can count on her to come through!

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