Self-leadership: Developing the Leader Within

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Did you know that it is hard to lead others if you do not know how to lead yourself? One of the definitions for self-leadership defines it as:

  • Being self-aware
  • Ability to set your goals
  • Honoring yourself
  • Rejecting pessimism
  • Being a change agent

Self-leadership is about choosing who you are, what you do, and who you become. The path to self-leadership is seldom easy, but there are a few mindset changes that will allow for a smoother journey.

The world, with its reliance on technology and interdependent economies, has become a place that leverages knowledge. Because of this, the things we learn can become obsolete very quickly. What remains constant is that you have to manage yourself effectively within these complexities and ongoing evolution to overcome obstacles, to renew and refresh yourself, and to participate in your life fully.

Although self-leaders can make great managers, self-leadership is not about managing others. Instead, the focus is on leading yourself. In a typical look at external leadership, a manager gives directions, sets expectations, and tells you when something is due. They may ask how you would like to get the work done, but they still define what the result will be. A self-leader scans their environment recognizes what they can do, and then takes action to produce the desired outcome. In talking about self-leadership, Peter Drucker states that self-leadership is being the CEO of your life.

To begin your quest to master self-leadership, there are fundamental questions that should be addressed. These questions focus on better understanding one’s self.

Self-Leadership Foundation Questions

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