“Women Leaders: Secrets to Success” with Wendy Norfleet from Norfleet Integrated Solutions

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Each week on “Women Leaders: Secrets to Success”, our host, Jessica Franzini, talks to women from around the country who are taking names and breaking glass. This week, Jessica spoke to Wendy Norfleet from Norfleet Integrated Solutions.

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What do you feel are your key personal factors for your success?: Ability to listen, Focus, Lifting/promoting others

What is the biggest mistake you would tell your younger self to avoid?: Thinking you know everything.

Do you have a mentor and do you feel it is important to have one?: I have had many mentors along the way and I now have a strong supporters. My inner circle consist of a few people that is always there for me, but will call me out when needed.

Is there a book you can recommend that would be valuable to read for a woman starting out in business?: The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit

How do you achieve balance between your professional life and personal life?: It’s harder to do that now that I’ve started my own business, but I’ve started blocking out time each week and this has helped.

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