10 Career Tips 

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  1. Don’t Let Anyone Dictate Your Choice
    Your career choice is a personal decision.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help
    As much as you think you know, you don’t know it all. There are people with more experience and knowledge than you.
  3. Always Acknowledge People Who Help You
    Whether it’s a simple answer to a question or an introduction to a potential client, it’s important to let that person know that it meant something to you.
  4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up
    Unfortunately, there will be plenty of people quite willing to bring you down. Please don’t do it to yourself!
  5. Own Your Mistakes
    Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Admit to your mistake, fix it and mitigate it, and learn from it.
  6. Remain Flexible
    Don’t feel that you cannot change. No matter how careful you are about choosing the “right” career or job, someday you may want to make a change.
  7. Be Positive
    Most of us are quick to see the negative of a situation. Don’t be that person. A negative attitude saps your energy. Practice being positive.
  8. Listen More Than You Speak
    You learn a lot by listening and miss a lot when you do not. Careful listening will prevent misunderstanding and help you build rapport with others.
  9. Set Your Own Measure of Success
    Each of us measures success differently. You are the only one who can decide what it means to you. Your career satisfaction is linked to your measure of success.
  10. Be Your Own Cheerleader
    It would help if you were your biggest cheerleader. If you do not cheer yourself on, who will?

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