5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Selling

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Social selling is another way to interact with current and prospective customers through social networks. It is effective in building connections and growing relationships. When we use social media platforms effectively, we employ social listening to learn much about the pains and needs of our target audience. Social selling is the result of being able to help others resolve those pain points.

Viewpoints differ on the most popular social media platform. You should base your platform selection on your target audience. LinkedIn is great for business services, while Facebook, Snapchat, or Pinterest may be better for selling products.

Once you have identified your platform(s) of choice, get out there and start using your platform to grow your business. Use these tips to reach a larger audience and build relationships through social selling.

1. Network Effectively

Social media platforms serve as powerful networking tools. They can be used to engage thoughtfully with current and potential customers and to build relationships. Social media lets you gain information on personalities, interests, and pain points. You can also find people with whom you are already connected that may be able to introduce you to others. Networking through social media may seem complicated, but when you react to people’s posts with observations, suggestions, and suggested links, you’re building rapport and laying the foundation for a relationship.

2. Serve First and Sell Second

Social selling is all about showing humanity and building relationships. Business owners need to deliver value before people believe what they are saying. Serving before selling means freely disseminating valuable information. This involves finding solutions to problems without attaching monetary value. If you ask, “How can I help you?” you’ll be more successful than leading with “What service/product can I sell you?”

3. Don’t Overlook Existing Customers

Businesses often use social selling to create new contacts, but sometimes thought needs to be given to maintaining touchpoints with current customers. It’s essential to keep in touch with the customers you already have. Obtaining a new customer is often five times more costly than retaining an existing customer. However, once a customer has done business with you, they are more likely to be a repeat customer if the existing relationship is maintained.

4. Be Present on Your Social Media Platform

Being present on your social media platform requires commitment. Choose your platform wisely, as well as how often you want to post. There is no right or wrong answer to the number of posts you make each week. However, the key is being consistent. If your connections take the time to comment or add to your post, you want to be present to acknowledge it. Don’t disappear for weeks at a time.

5. Pay Attention to What Others Say

If you listen attentively, you will learn much. Often people will share information about their needs and wants. Additional information can be gained in your messaging.

For many business owners, social selling is an effective way to make connections, meet prospective customers, and grow relationships with current customers. Keep in mind that although the term is social selling, listening skills must be utilized to be successful.

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