Creating Better Employee Experience

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While many companies are aware that customer service can profoundly impact their bottom line, many of these companies do not consider the employee experience to have a similar effect. Yet, employees’ experience drives engagement, retention, and recruitment, which affects the company’s bottom line. 

A study by ADP discovered that businesses with engaged employees earn 2.5 percent more revenue than companies with low engagement levels. When sharing why employee satisfaction is so important, business leaders provide easy employee experience improvements that most organizations can implement. 

5 Easy Employee Experience Improvements

With the advent of the COVID-19 epidemic, and as more workers work from home, much of the employee experience is digital. As such, organizations have an enormous chance to enhance the employee experience in the same way they manage customers’ experience. 

Here are five easy wins businesses can use to improve the experience of their employees.

1. Eliminate Tedious Work

Every workplace has frustrating, high-volume, and low-value jobs that are incredibly demanding and consume a lot of time away from more critical tasks. For instance, submitting timesheets or filing expense reports and doing other tasks that are often uncomplicated but may take up a lot of time. Many of these time-consuming tasks can be eased with technology. Take advance of available tools to reduce time on tasks. When companies eliminate or reduce these everyday nuisances and distractions, they go far in making the experience for employees better.

2. Streamline Communication

Inboxes of employees are frequently flooded with announcements from the company and newsletters, updates on products, and other mass emails. Therefore, companies should reconsider their old methods of communication by establishing a unifying channel other than emails to send out corporate communications, especially when there is a lot of it being sent. 

Like how brands segment their audience, businesses should tailor their communications with employees to be relevant and valuable. In creating a single point of information for employees that they are sure to find, companies can improve employee experience and experience increased engagement.

3. Centralize Knowledge

Information within large companies can be scattered across multiple enterprise applications, intranets, and other communication channels. How would you link all of this information into one location and ensure that only the most appropriate solution is provided?

Employees can then quickly access the data they require to complete their work. This can increase productivity and reduce frustration. Link your disparate knowledge sources. 

4. Offer Autonomy

Many companies are moving to remote work. While some leaders have expressed difficulty allowing their employees to complete their work with little oversight, providing them with more freedom could change their perception of work and increase productivity.

5. Listen to Feedback

If employers don’t solicit feedback from employees about how their experiences are, it isn’t easy to discern what needs improvement. Constant feedback via pulse surveys, open communication, and feedback loops ensure employees feel that their opinions matter.


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