Leveling Up Your Leadership Skills

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Leadership skills play an ever-increasing role in career development. To move forward in many careers, you must develop those skills often referred to as soft skills. The skills to create and cultivate vary from industry to industry and position to position. Overall, working on the following skills will help you grow your leadership abilities, make you a better leader, and increase your marketability.

A few readily come to mind when reflecting on leadership skills – communication, vision, influence, etc. However, abilities are also essential and equally as important.

Three Leadership Skills to Cultivate

Step Up

Have you ever wondered why the same people seem to get ahead? Many coveted projects or promotions are given to those who step up and ensure they are ready for future career growth. Preparation can be through professional development, offering to take on responsibilities outside of your zone, and having continued increasing their competencies through professional development, both formal and informal.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Often critical thinking is confused with knowing the answer. Critical thinking is simply taking the information you have, analyzing and evaluating it, and making a judgment. The ability to perform critical thinking can also identify and prevent problems from happening. In other words, critical thinking can promote proactivity—no wonder this skill elevates your leadership abilities. 

Motivate Others

Motivating others is defined as compelling someone to do something. Most leaders do this through the ability to influence others positively. When we talk about motivating others, it includes getting to know others and understanding what makes them tick. People are encouraged to take action by many things, including reward, praise, money, etc. The skill to uncover this inspiration and achieve the desired results often includes actively listening and is a valued leadership skill.  

Leveling up your leadership skills is a continual process. Leadership development involves identifying and mastering essential skills and characteristics. In your quest to grow your leadership abilities remember to step up, develop critical thinking skills, and learn to motivate others.

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