Dealing With Overwhelm

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Do you sometimes feel like you have a difficult time organizing your life?

Clutter makes people feel tired and overwhelmed, and they ignore it as their piles grow. Rather than dealing with it, they choose to disregard it. As a result, with each increasing pile, they feel more overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed. And still, the piles are ignored.

An individual who is overwhelmed has difficulty coping with their current situation. Overwhelmed people describe how they feel as swamped, overloaded, defeated, and buried.

Several factors contribute to the feeling of overwhelm, including:

  • Setting high expectations of yourself.
  • Making too many commitments.
  • Self-criticism.
  • Aiming for perfection.
  • Believing every task must be completed on your own.

As a result, I’ve compiled my favorite tips for being organized without feeling overwhelmed. You can do it!

Make Baby Steps Toward Organization

Being organized is something most people give up before they even begin, as it feels and appears so daunting. The trick is to remove the overwhelming emotion from the situation. It’s not uncommon to be unsure where to begin. You can accomplish organization by taking each step one at a time.

Do Not Assume That Everything or Nothing Is Required

An organizing project does not need to be started and finished simultaneously. It’s okay if it’s overwhelming for you!

Take small, manageable steps towards completing a project. Make sure you set a time limit so you don’t get overwhelmed or exhausted. Take pride in what you accomplished that day compared to what you did not do, as it will help keep you motivated.

Identify Your Priorities

Discover what matters most. What’s most important to you? Your health, happiness, family, work, friends? A clear understanding of what matters most to you is the key to organizing your life without feeling overwhelmed.

Take a Break

The process of organizing stuff can get tiring. It can be overwhelming to make decisions without taking a few breaks between them. Additionally, the process isn’t always as fun as it should be.

You will be able to finish the chosen time length more easily when you do it in smaller intervals and then take a break. You’ll also be able to continue the process more readily since you’ve broken it down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Think Positively

Organizing your life while thinking it will be complicated and overwhelming is a self-fulfilling prophecy. By focusing on why you’re getting organized, you can make the entire process more manageable, and you may even find that you enjoy it.


You can make organizing far less overwhelming when you approach it as a way to lighten your load and make things more manageable. Don’t forget that you deserve to have a productive, healthy life – however, you see that.

Getting rid of your clutter will let you see and feel the positive effects on your life. You will also achieve positive changes in your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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