How to Run an Effective Meeting

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It takes a lot of time and energy to conduct meetings, sometimes depleting energy for real work. An unproductive meeting drains your time, your people, and your company’s resources.

Meetings that accomplish their objectives bring together the right group of people at the right time. It promotes open communication and discussion and delivers tangible results.

Here are a few tips on how to run an effective meeting.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Effective meetings require advanced planning. Planning an effective meeting involves developing an agenda. It will be easier to stay on track if you have a clear agenda with tasks for all attendees.

Share the Agenda for Meetings in Advance

The plan should be shared in advance so that attendees will be familiar with the discussion points before the meeting begins. As well as gathering information, they can prepare questions about unclear things before the meeting.

Assigning Roles and Responsibilities to Participants

Your business meetings will be more efficient if you correctly assign meeting participants. By choosing well positioned individuals to make meaningful contributions to particular agenda items, you will have an impactful meeting and will decrease the likelihood of spectators.

Choose your Props Carefully

Use only carefully selected support materials in meetings to communicate your message. Animations can be good tools for learning, but they can also be distracting. Your meeting can become nothing more than a pretty presentation if the message is lost behind the fonts and animations.

Minimize Distractions

Effective meetings have a purpose. Attending meetings while doing other tasks, such as checking emails, is a productivity killer. It is best to politely ask that phones and laptops be kept off during meetings.

Finish on a High Note

How do you make a meeting effective? A fitting end. Make sure everyone leaves inspired and motivated by summarizing the discussion and creating action items before sending them on their way.


You may feel intimidated by the prospect of running an effective and productive meeting.

Overall, a meeting should only take place when necessary. The meeting must have a clear objective and purpose. Make sure that you invite only the appropriate individuals to the meeting. Prepare an agenda for your meeting and share it with them.

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