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Without trust, no relationship can grow and without growth, success is not possible.  In this episode, DeNeen and guest Dr. Wendy Norfleet discuss the importance of authenticity when leading a team and how to overcome the many challenges associated with sustaining and rebuilding trust.  Wendy is CEO of Norfleet Integrated Solutions and President Of The Board of Directors for the Jacksonville Chamber of Information Technology Council.

About the episode:

  1. The value of establishing trust
  2. Pitfalls of building trust with a new team and how to avoid them
  3. Steps to help foster trust
  4. Tips for rebuilding broken trust


About the Podcast:

Attard Leadership Academy, LLC (ALA) is headed by Founder and CEO, DeNeen K. Attard. With over 15-years of experience successfully helping to develop aspiring leaders in Fortune 500 companies and non-profits such as AT&T, Lowes, and Dress for Success. Attard, brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and inspiration to ALA clients by incorporating a growth mindset and positive psychology techniques into each area of services provided. Attard holds a Master’s degree in leadership, multiple certifications, and advanced graduate learning courses in human resource management and digital entrepreneurship.


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