Reducing Self-induced Stressors

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Self-induced stress is a result of uncontrolled thinking or mismanagement of things in a person’s control. Self-induced stress will likely fly under the radar but can create adverse side effects and may cause a struggle to focus, remember, and engage. How are you supposed to concentrate on work or building a career when dealing with self-induced stress?

Three Ways to Reduce Self-induced Stress

Poor Planning
This could be as individual as you constantly arriving to work late or missing project deadlines. Some people aren’t the best at planning in general, but this isn’t an excuse. If tardiness or missing deadlines are an issue, make an effort to plan better and build in additional time.

Clutter can be one of the most unconscious stressors in a person’s life. Having a proper place for everything will allow you to locate items when needed. Being clean and organized can tremendously reduce stress. As the old saying goes, a cluttered room is a sign of a cluttered mind.

Negative Thoughts
Having a positive attitude can help improve your health and your happiness. Negative thoughts can tear you down and cause you to not believe in yourself and stop you from achieving your goals. Overthinking or constantly criticizing yourself and your work will demoralize you and make it far harder for you to succeed. There’s nothing wrong with having negative thoughts from time to time. Still, it is important not to believe them as real and try to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

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