Taking a Pause: Tips to Reboot Your Energy

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Taking a timely pause can significantly improve your health. Often society thinks nothing of pushing themselves, whether work or personal, to complete a project or a goal. However, to be more productive, learn more from the experience, or solve the problem tackled, taking a break can be impactful. Think of taking a pause as changing the activity you are doing. If we look at the person working at their desk for over five hours, we understand that it has been proven that pausing to get up and move can be beneficial. Taking a pause can also mean taking time to do nothing. Stopping a moment or two to listen to your thoughts and body makes you more attuned to what is going on. With a pause, you are not simply going from one task or action to another but being more aware of what is happening in the present moment.

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Why is Pausing Necessary?

Living in a fast-paced society, implementing pausing can be a health benefit in that it helps us handle the challenges that we face with more thought and attention. With our busy lives come high levels of stress. In most cases, this hustle and bustle affect our bodies and mind. It can be harmful to become too focused on actions without pausing to release tension. Many are used to the notion that we should get moving but are not as familiar with pausing to become more aware. The saying, “Stop to smell the roses,” is a perfect example of taking a pause. The phrase is not asking you to go around smelling all the roses but reinforcing the fact that sometimes we miss what is right in front of us, the present, in our constant state of busyness.

Benefits of Taking a Pause

More specific ways that you can benefit from taking a pause include:

  • Boosts awareness
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances focus
  • Maintains energy level
  • Reenergizes productivity

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