Employee Recognition 101

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Did you know that you can build an engaging workplace culture through employee recognition? 

Employee recognition is more than just a trendy buzzword. It can have a significant impact on any organization. According to multiple studies on why employees leave their places of employment, not being appreciated shows up in the top ten of each study and more often than not in the top five. The strategy for increasing employee engagement, boosting morale, and improving retention are simple. Give employees the recognition they deserve! 

Recognizing Others

You may be wondering if your attention to recognition will have an impact on your colleagues or team members. Rest assured, your authentic recognition does carry weight. Thankfully, not all forms of recognition have costs. It costs nothing but a moment to stop at a colleague’s desk to say, “Good job on that report” or “Thank you for adding your expertise.” In fact, due to our new COVID-19 normal, colleague recognition is even more important with increased remote workers and virtual teams. Making an effort to recognize colleagues become even more important as they may feel separated from the workplace culture and camaraderie due to their geographical separation.

Delivering Recognition

One of the great aspects of recognition is that you do not have to wait for a special day or designated holiday. There are a variety of ways in which the recognition can be done. Prior to management, I celebrated my colleagues’ assistance on projects I was assigned with a handwritten note. I purchased a dozen note cards for just a few dollars, costing about twenty-five cents a note. Because I took the time to handwrite the notes, and they were personal to each co-worker, they were greatly appreciated and allowed me to express my appreciation. 

Keep in mind that while we all have people in the workplace that we gravitate toward, meaningful recognition should be fairly distributed. If work or service is recognition worthy, then recognition should occur regardless of who performed the action. If you recognize only one colleague or employee when three performed the action being recognized, you show favoritism for one over the others. 

Let’s take a look at how you can demonstrate positive recognition and celebrate success. 

Easy Methods of Recognition

employee recognition chart

Some quick ways to provide recognition are:

Social Media
A great way to provide recognition. Before using this method, make sure the person is not averse to public recognition.

Public Thank You
A public thank you can be performed in a team or company meeting. Allows you to share your appreciation in front of others.

Private Message
A great way to personally provide recognition with a private call or email message.

Card or Gift
It can be used for recognition and for more celebratory occasions. This is a creative and personal way to show appreciation.

One of the easiest ways to build relationships is through recognition. As you can see, recognition can be done in various ways, many having little or no cost. Stop making excuses and start providing recognition.

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