Growing as a Leader

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While we may hear the term natural leader, most people put effort into developing as a leader. Growing as a leader can be difficult, but thankfully, it is a task that can be achieved with effort. Let’s take a look at the top 3 characteristics of great leaders. You’ll see that these are actions that each of us are capable of taking.

Lead by Example

This is the number one characteristic of a great leader. However, according to Inc Magazine, only 10% of CEOs are leaders who guide by example.

To be a truly effective leader, you must lead by example. Leadership only succeeds when it shows others how to extend and push for greatness. You want people to be able to look at you and think, “If she can do it, I can too.”

There are few things more infuriating than a hypocritical leader. Employees closely watch their leaders and follow their actions. Grow as a leader and demonstrate behavior through your actions.

Be Open-Minded/Flexible

Too often, people get set in their ways. By maintaining an open mind as a leader or employee, you’re less likely to get stuck in a rut. Open-mindedness provides an awareness that your beliefs can be limiting. Part of being open-minded is being able to see another’s point of view. With an open mind, you are more naturally inquisitive, which allows for improvement of knowledge and understanding.

Build New Leaders

This may seem contradictory, especially as you are trying to grow as a leader. However, it has been proven that in helping build up someone, you, in fact, also grow.

A great leader encourages and builds up others, making it possible for them to become leaders. A few ways this can be done are through:

  • Feedback
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Encouraging professional growth

Having been provided with actions that can help you grow as a leader, start taking action to become a great leader. Leaders Beacon reports that 38% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months. While an extremely high statistic, a new leader can be successful by creating a positive work environment, motivating their staff, and leading by example.

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