Tips for a Stressless Thanksgiving Holiday

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Although technology provides endless ways to connect, many people are feeling more disconnected than ever. As Thanksgiving approaches, are you feeling stressed? Are you finding it difficult to be 100% present when you’re with family and friends? The American Psychological Association reports that the vast majority, 8 out of 10 Americans, are attached to their devices but disconnected from their families.

5 Recommended Tips to Relieve Thanksgiving Stress

Take Time Off

This sounds simple, but for many, it is a tough task. Many cannot commit to downtime. However, we all need time away from our devices to enjoy what’s going on around us and to be in the moment. All work and no downtime have proven to cause a decline in our life and health. Put the device down and spend time with your family and friends.

Stive for Togetherness, Not Perfection

Thanksgiving is about being with family and friends. It is not the time to stress over the perfect meal. There are alternates to cooking the entire meal yourself, such as having a potluck or ordering in your meal. Keep in mind the day is about togetherness, not who has the best meal or home. Let others help.

Walk it off

Instead of surrendering to holiday post-meal lethargy, make an effort to get up and take a walk. Walking as little as 10 minutes after your meal can effectively help lower your blood sugar and improve your mood, energy level, and mental health.

Take Care of Yourself

The holiday season can mean spending a lot of time taking care of other things and zero time taking care of yourself. Make time to do something that recharges you. What that is will depend on you, but some suggestions are a relaxing soak in the bath, some quiet time with an inspirational book and a cup of herbal tea, or just a refreshing walk outside.


It’s Thanksgiving! Give yourself permission to eat and enjoy your food, your food, family, and friends. However, introverts, enjoyment for you may be a little different. Give yourself permission to take breaks from family and friends. Enjoyment looks different for many of us, but keep in mind the importance of Thanksgiving by practicing gratitude, and letting people (and furry friends) know how much they mean to you. You’ll remember the laughs and the feelings you experience, not the slightly dry turkey.

The holidays should be a joyful time for making memories with the people who mean the most to you. Your Thanksgiving gift is to take care of yourself and share your time with people you love.

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