How to Reduce Christmas Stress

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We’ve all probably heard some variation of Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year. However, for many Christmas brings a great deal of stress. Here are some tips that will reduce the holiday stress and help you enjoy the holiday season.

Tip 1 – Set Realistic Expectations

Surprisingly, we are the cause for much of our holiday stress by setting unrealistic expectations. We may want everything to be perfect, but perfection takes a lot of time and effort that many of us do not have.

Each year, I increasingly appreciate the saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. If you go into the holidays with the mindset that things will happen, you will be better able to address mishaps that might occur. You should be more focused on spending time with family and friends and doing things for others than achieving perfection.

Tip 2 – Limit Spending

Even without our current pandemic, too many people get caught up on buying expensive gifts and spending money that they really do not have. One way to reduce spending stress is to set spending limits. You can do this by setting a budget for the whole season or if you have a large circle of relatives and friends, you may suggest pulling names for gifts and setting a limit to be spent. You can even save money on your Christmas dinner by having a potluck dinner, where everyone brings a dish. Remember, you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy Christmas.

Tip 3 – Do Something for Others

One of the easiest ways to avoid stress and depression during the holidays is to focus on others. There are so many in need this year. Have you considered being a Christmas Angel or volunteering your time at one of the many food banks to hand out donated food? Take a look at volunteer opportunities in your local area.

No matter what technique you use to reduce Christmas stress, make sure you take the time out to have fun and laugh. Laughter is contagious, has been proven to fight against stress, and lightens your mood. Wishing you a wonderful stress-free Christmas!

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