I Have a Business Idea. Now What?

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The number of new businesses is steadily increasing. When talking with people who want to start a business, I often meet those with ideas for a business, but they are not sure of the next steps that should be taken. Having a business idea is only the beginning. While starting a business can be scary; having a checklist to follow is extremely helpful. Once you have your business idea, the next steps are to start planning your business. This process includes:

Know Your Market

To set yourself up for success, you need to know if there is a demand for the product or service you plan to offer. You must learn your industry inside and out. Check out your competition and find out what makes your business different. Also, look into viable prices. Are you in-line with current prices, or are you offering a service or product for which people are willing to pay more? 

Create a Business Plan

The best way to identify if you have a viable plan for your business is to write it out. A business plan helps you define your business, what product or services will be provided, identifies your goals and how they will be reached, and outlines your business’s structure. This is truly one of the best ways to think through your business.

The business plan also helps you think through funding that will be needed for the business. All new businesses need initial funds. Estimating start-up can be difficult, depending on the type of business. There are many business calculators that can help with this estimation. Once you identify your start-up costs, you’ll be better able to identify resources to obtain the funds. 

Prepare to Do the Hard Work

Starting a business may sound glamorous, but for most entrepreneurs starting a business is not easy. You will be putting in long days and nights and always wondering if you are doing the right thing. In some cases, you may have an advisor or mentor, but the buck stops with you. Be prepared! Check everything and be ready to deal with setbacks. Realize that while your business idea is your baby, it is rare that everyone will think your business idea is as great as you do. Most entrepreneurs face rejection and unforeseen problems, so be ready to tackle issues head-on.

The items listed above are only the beginning steps that are taken once you have a business idea. Completing these tasks will help you identify if you’re ready to start your business.

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