Are You A Goal Digger?

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Are you a person motivated by the desire to achieve your goals? If you answered yes, you are, in fact, a goal digger. Many of us work toward our goals, and when those are met, we often set new goals. 

Goal setting involves developing an action plan designed to provide motivation and guidance to help us achieve our goal(s). While goals are often set, upon closer inspection, the goals set will not move you toward achievement.

In the article Goals vs. Resolutions (January 2021), I provided information on how to distinguish between a goal and a resolution. Goals are more easily achieved when they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed (SMART). As you write your SMART goals, be prepared to ask yourself a lot of questions. Questions allow fine-tuning.

SMART Goals Infographic

Writing SMART goals is not enough to achieve success. In many cases, an action plan is needed. An action plan is a document that provides additional details and clarity to your goal, such as identifying action steps and resources needed. I am providing you with the Goal Setting Template that we use at Norfleet Integrated Solutions.

Goal Setting Template

It would be wonderful if achieving our goals were done in a vacuum, but this is not the case. In many instances, we have other life circumstances that must also be taken into consideration. The image I’ve provided will help you assess your potential obstacles and plan a path to success in accordance with your life.

Goal Digger Infographic

The better you are at taking a realistic view of your life and what you have going on, the better you will be at being a goal digger.

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