Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

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You are an intelligent being with a pretty strong IQ. You seem to have it all together – but are you emotionally intelligent?

Emotional intelligence is the ability that can help people actively understand, use and manage emotions to relieve stress, communicate effectively, and sympathize with others. If you ask me, it is one of the biggest powers to overcome problems; and can resolve conflicts. For most people, emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important than the intelligence quotient (IQ) in achieving success in life and career. As the world advances, our personal and professional success today depends on our ability to read and respond to signals and emotions conveyed by others.

Therefore, each of us needs to develop mature emotional intelligence to better understand others, sympathize, and negotiate, especially in the context of global economic growth. Otherwise, success will be the thing that we once read about in a book (or in our case, read on Google).

Components of EQ

Covid has acted as a cherry on top in ruining our mental peace and we are still, to some extent, sitting calmly in our rocking chair, watching it all happen. We are quick to follow trends or anything that makes us look good and presentable – why not work on something that can actually make us better and improve our emotional balance? Here are the key components for improving your EQ.

When was the last time you could see or think clearly when you were stressed? Sounds like something written for movies and books, right? To use emotional intelligence, you must be able to use emotions to make constructive decisions regarding your behavior. Self-management skills can help you maximize productivity and reduce stress which is the strongest barrier in improving your EQ. Remember, self-management is the ability to control impulses and quick responses.

Self-awareness is what leads you towards EQ as it is all about reflecting on your early life experience and building upon that experience to understand how emotion influences your thoughts and actions. With self-awareness, you have the ability to understand how your own emotions effect your performance.

To many, socio-awareness is considered a super power. It is the ability to interrupt nonverbal cues used in communication. These cues often convey more emotion than words as they can happen unconsciously and may be hard to control.

Relationship Management
Relationship management is more involved than simply having a relationship. It is defined as understanding your own emotions and the emotions of others. All relationships can take work. If we put it more simply, building a relationship takes time, energy, and know how. The know how is based upon EQ, using the awareness of your emotions to successfully manage interactions with others.

Aristotle said that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. It is also the basis for emotional intelligence.

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