Creating Effective Presentations

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Presentations play an important role in our lives and in many cases, presentations can be a true differentiator—for better or worse. Why then, are presentations often treated as an afterthought. While not expecting to be on the level of world-renowned presenters, there is room for improvement in our day-to-day presentations.

There are several tools that can be used to enhance our presentation and to create slide decks. It is encouraged that some attention be given to creating a professional-looking presentation template. However, there are a few other things that should also be considered.

Here are a few guidelines for more effective presentations:

1. Know Your Purpose

You are proving the presentation for a reason. Ensure the presentation is created to support that reason.

2. Consider the Logistics

Before developing a presentation, identify the setting. Is it in-person or virtual? Will you be presenting a keynote address, breakout session, information session, peer-to-peer session, etc.? Whatever the logistics, identify an appropriate approach when developing and giving the presentation.

3. Spend Time on Content

Don’t forget that content is the core of your presentation. While there are many presentation tools to make your content more impactful, a great presentation starts and ends with great content.

4. Tell a Story

Storytelling is an effective way to convey information and make it more memorable. Don’t just give information, facts, and figures on your slides. Instead build a story into your presentation through scenarios and examples. This is a great way to get your audience to connect with the presentation.

5. Don’t Read, Engage

Listening to someone read a presentation is boring! It also gives the impression that you are not knowledgeable about the subject you’re presenting.

Instead, engage with your audience, whether virtual or in-person. Make eye content, read their body language and make adjustments as necessary. Bring your audience into your presentation.

While these simple guidelines will not have you at world-renowned presenter status, they will improve your presentations. Here’s to creating more effective presentations!

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