Why Hiring a Career Coach is an Investment in Yourself

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Many of our clients initially come to us as doubters. They have read many articles on improving their careers and question the benefit of hiring a career coach. We have heard comments such as, “I can do it on my own.” or “I don’t want to admit that I need help.”

Thankfully, we have worked with these doubters, and they now recognize the worth of working with a coach.

Top 4 Reasons to Work with a Career Coach:

  1. Advice Customized for You
    There is so much career advice out there. Yet, while the information may be useful, all of it does not pertain to everyone. A career coach listens and understands your situation and provides expert assistance in identifying what can work for you.
  2. Time to Make Progress
    Even if we get all the advice we need, life happens! A career coach will work with you and your current juggling of priorities and help you identify how you carve out time.
  3. Plan to Experiment, Iterate and Improve
    We all know that sometimes we have taken action plans, and without encouragement and direction, we may not take action. With a career coach, you have someone that can encourage you to take action, review the work with you, make modifications, and set you on the path to continuous improvement.
  4. Accountability
    A coach is that person that you can count on in your corner. While a coach will be your biggest cheerleader, a coach is also a partner that will hold you accountable.

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